Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am a 44 year old Christian woman who loves Jesus. I can’t imagine living this life without Him. I have also been married to an amazing man whom I love dearly for 13 years. God has blessed me greatly. I have been through a bit of a rough past, but God has brought me through to the other side & is using it for good. I currently live in Arizona.

This is a blog about my life with my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, whom I could not live without. It will include devotions, different aspects of my life, & whatever else I feel led to write about. My prayer is that God uses this blog to touch lives.

If you want to read my testimony, I wrote it in 4 parts. Here are the links to them.


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  1. I don’t know what is happening. I thought I was following you. I came to say thanks for leaving me a like on Don’t Give Sugar in January and I see that the button does not show me following you. I clicked a couple more times and it does not accept. I’ll try again. If not I’ll check back later.

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