Two Years

Lord, thank You for this journey You have placed me on, which has been about so much more than weight loss. I know You are still working on me and You always will, but I want to take the time to stop and let You know how much I appreciate what You have done in my life through this journey. You have removed the physical weight, which I am so grateful for. You have given me more energy and the ability to do more things physically. You know that two years ago putting on a pair of socks was difficult, but now I can do that and so much more without problems. Thank you for this change in my life. Thank You for giving me more confidence in who You made me to be & trusting You more fully. You are teaching me to find my identity in You and not the number on the scale, the size of the clothes I wear, or the opinions of this world. It hasn’t been an easy journey or a journey that always went at the speed I thought it should go, but I would not have learned so much, if everything went as quickly as I wanted. You are the Best Teacher and always know just the right way to get my attention and teach me. Thank You for Your attention to every detail of this journey. I asked for a way that this could happen that wasn’t expensive, but that it had to be all about You. I wanted and still want You to have all the glory. I knew I needed change, but ultimately, I wanted it to be all about You. I knew that I needed and wanted less of me and more of You, both on the outside and on the iside. You have provided it all. Everything I have needed to make the changes & make progress has been provided by You, My Source. All the support & resources came from You. All the praise and honor and glory are Yours. Amen!

Praise Report: I’m celebrating victory over food addiction/overeating for 2 yrs 2 days. God has removed 114.3 pounds from me and counting.

4 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. I love the way you give the Lord all the glory. I admire your determination and what you have accomplished, even if the resources to do it all came from Him. They did, but you took hold of them and did your part. Not everyone does that. Keep giving Jesus the glory. πŸ™‚

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