True-Hearted, Whole-Hearted

I have recently been reading the lyrics of hyms. Some I have heard before and others not. I have been getting so much out of it though. This one I had not heard before, but found it very thought provoking. I found it on Youtube, so I could hear it sung. The version I’m including at the end was my favorite version I found. And it has now been added to my Spotify playlist.

This song is so powerful. It got me to asking the question, “Am I following God with my whole heart or just part of it?” I’m still discovering the answer to that question. As much as I’d like to say it is a resounding yes, I don’t think I can truthfully say that. By the grace of God, I still follow Him.

Here are the lyrics to the song as found in the hymnal followed by the video:

1 True-hearted, whole-hearted, faithful and loyal,
King of our lives, by Thy grace we will be;
Under the standard exalted and royal,
Strong in Thy strength we will battle for Thee.

Peal out the watchword! silence it never!
Song of our spirits, rejoicing and free;
Peal out the watchword! loyal forever,
King of our lives, by Thy grace we will be.

2 True-hearted, whole-hearted, fullest allegiance
Yielding henceforth to our glorious King;
Valiant endeavor and loving obedience,
Freely and joyously now would we bring. (Refrain)

3 True-hearted, whole-hearted, Saviour all-glorious!
Take Thy great power and reign there alone,
Over our wills and affections victorious,
Freely surrendered and wholly Thine own. (Refrain)

True-Hearted, Whole-Hearted by Gloria Addison (I own no rights to this video/song/lyrics)

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