God Is My Happy Place #73

The next writing prompt in “God Is My Happy Place” is

“Every situation has the potential to create beauty in you.”

Recently I was repotting my most recent cactus acquisition. I had been wanting this cactus for a while, because not only is it purple, but it has these big red spikes that are really cool. It is an Opuntia “Amethyst Wave”, for all you plant lovers out there. I have named her Amethyst for short. She is mostly green in the pictures with a little purple around the edges, but that will change as she grows. When I picked her up at the store, there were actually 3 separate plants in the same little pot.

When I got it home, I did leave it in the pot for a couple of days, because I had to go shopping for the new pot to put it in and pick up the right soil. Once I got home with those things the next day, I made sure the pot was cleaned out well and placed the soil in it most of the way to the top and let it dry out for a couple of days. I have found that the soil in the bag is moist, because of the humidity in there. Putting cacti or succulents in wet soil is asking for root rot from the start. After the soil had dried out, I sat down at a table to get the cacti out of the old pot. This was quite a chore, not only because of the spikes, but the plants were root bound in the pot. Once I got it out of the old pot, it took me a while to sift through the dirt and get the roots that belonged to each plant separated. When I got that done, I got them potted in the new pot where they have more room to grow and they are not crammed together. They are now on display to see the beautiful growth as they change colors and get bigger.

Like these cactus, I was in a similar situation 17 months ago. This is when I started my weight loss journey. All my feelings/emotions had been crammed down inside myself, along with all the fat and difficulty moving. Everything was so entangled and making everything in my life hard to deal with. God finally got my attention and pulled me out of the apathy I had been feeling to do something about it. He has worked on me. He has helped me make wiser food choices. He has been helping me sift through all my emotions and the lies I have believed. He has been working on my thought processes and putting truth in me. Most recently, He added a morning walk to the repertoire, which I am enjoying way more than I thought I would.

Now this process at times feels like a long one, but each little step of the way creates more and more beauty in me. And I’m not talking about just the physical kind. He’s also cleaning house on the inside. Like the cactus, I am so much more beautiful without everything crammed together with no room to breathe. As I continue down this path, there will be more changes and situations to deal with. I know there is still a long road ahead, but it will be worth it.

Praise Report: I’m celebrating victory over food addiction/overeating for 1 yr 155 days. God has removed 90.5 pounds from me.

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