God Is My Happy Place #71

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The next writing prompt in “God Is My Happy Place” is

“Are you holding on to offense? Can you let go of it today?”

The biggest grudge I hold is against myself. Of course, I live with myself everyday. So I know all of the large and small mistakes that I make and I hold them against myself. When I focus too much on that, I start getting into a depressed/anxious mood. I forgive myself and do well for a while, then a week or two later I pick it back up. Dwelling on all the stupid stuff I’ve said or done. Or even not said and not done. When I think about it, it seems ridiculous to rehearse it all the time. I mean, why am I wasting my time with it? I could be so much more productive and happy, if I’d let it go and rehearse what God says about me. Yet, I get stuck sometimes.

My pastor was talking a couple of weeks ago about giving myself some slack and not making myself earn my own love. It is so true. I am truly misearable, when I am so hard on myself.

I believe I can let go of it today. I may have to let go of it several times a day for a while, since I tend to pick things back up again. But I believe this is something I can start working on. I need to learn to love myself better and Trust God.

So, what does loving myself better look like? Well, a few ways come to mind.

First, the one that we have been talking about is to give myself a break. Knowing that I will make mistakes, forgive myself and then don’t dwell on it. Remind myself what God says about me and move forward.

Second, take care of my body better. I am the temple of the Holy Spirit, so I need to take care of it better. As most of you may know, God and I have been working on this for the past 16 months. God has removed 84.4 lbs, while He is teaching me to have a better relationship with food and Himself. I have learned that overeating only hurts my body.

Third, learn that it is ok not to live up to everyone else’s expectations. I can’t do that anyway. Every person has a different idea of what they expect that I should be doing. It’s more important to focus on what God would have me do.

There are many more ways to love myself out there. These are just 3 off the top of my head. Feel free to drop your ideas in the comments for loving yourself.

I hope you all have a blessed day!

7 thoughts on “God Is My Happy Place #71

  1. Great post, and thanks for sharing those three ways to love yourself better. I struggle with perfectionism and can easily get discouraged if I don’t do everything “just right.” Giving myself a break, taking care of my body better (in my case, it would be to exercise more), and focusing on what God wants me to do rather than living up to others’ expectations. (I have learned that usually what I think are others’ expectations are just my own unrealistic expectations, not necessarily those of others.)
    I’ll have to remember that in the days to come. Thanks for sharing.

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