One Year

April 26, 2021 marked a year since I started this weight loss journey. I got my one year chip at Celebrate Recovery (CR).

God has removed 73.5 pounds.

I have learned so much this last year.

One thing I have learned is that I have to have boundaries with eating. No boundaries, for me, is chaos and ends in despair, because I have made food an idol. Without God in His rightful place, life is not really happy or satisfying. For God is really the only one that satisfies.

‘For He satisfies the longing soul, And fills the hungry soul with goodness.’ Psalms 107:9 NKJV

This verse sums up what I have learned this last year and what I will be leaning into on the next year of this journey. There is no food that can satisfy my soul or heal all my wounds or take care of my every need. Only God can do all of these things and fill me to overflowing.

I have also become quite aware that this journey is not easy. Like most people, I want an instant change. I want to be at my goal weight yesterday. However, it is a process. Everything I have learned and will learn cannot be learned in an instant. And to lose weight that fast wouldn’t be healthy.

Recently, my husband got me a cactus. A purple cactus that I have been wanting for a few years now. When he brought it home, I was so excited, but it isn’t purple yet. According to the nursery, they all start green and then change as they grow. Now it is mostly green, with some purple around the edges and around the spikes. I can see the beginnings of the purple, but it isn’t like what I want yet. I can’t wait for it to be purple. Now I would have liked for it to be completely purple when it was brought home, but that’s not how it works. It is a growth process.

This journey I am on, is also a process. Overcoming food issues, or any other addiction for that matter, is not an overnight process. There is a lot of work and growth to be done. For me, I know this is only the beginning of the transformation, but I can see the process is working.

I want what God wants for me. That means I have to trust Him and His timing. I want to lean into His presence and be completely satisfied in Him. That is where I want to be.

So stay tuned for the continuation of this journey.

This next picture is a close up is a close up of the cactus. Hoping that you can see some of the purple.

Next is a picture of it in the pot we bought for it.

20 thoughts on “One Year

  1. I love that cactus comparison. What a beautiful reminder to you as you watch it change as you are also changing!! God is at work. I’m also trying to refocus on how I am eating-from stress or boredom or for a distraction from pain. I need to go to God and not food. Even though I eat 90% paleo I have found myself cooking and baking banana bread or brownies-all paleo but it’s how I am eating not just what I am eating. No sugar or wheat but too many carbs. And it’s why I am eating this snack…because my back hurts. In February it was cold so I was indoors cooking and eating and not exercising. I starting intermittent fasting and exercising again in March and I felt so much better. I hurt my back and started snacking again..almond flour crackers, gluten free chips-not bad but again just too much for the wrong reasons. Since December I’ve gained 13 pounds. I know that was why my back went out. The belly. The weak core. I tried to get it all back in shape too quickly and hurt myself doing it. So like you, I have decided to be patient and allow God to work in my life not only physically but emotionally and spiritually!! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your story. It’s such an encouragement! 🌸

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    1. It is so easy to fall into habits, I know there are more I need to address. God will finish His work in me. And He will finish His work in you. That’s what He does. He is so amazing! I know you will overcome, because God makes it possible. 🙂

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