My Inner Child

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God is healing my inner child.

That inner child


Searching for safety

Not knowing who to trust

Second guessing what is right

Using harmful coping mechanisms to get through the day

Fearful of the results of not using them

Wanting to trust God and those she loves

Not knowing how.

She loves and trusts all the wrong things

God is right there

Loving her through it

Not leaving her

Reminding her that she isn’t where she used to be

Encouraging her to keep going

Not giving up on her

She deperately wants to do everything right

Knowing that isn’t possible

Trying to rely on God

Though all too often she relies on herself

God is working on the inside

Transforming her

She is His beautiful creation

Though she doesn’t always believe it

She tries to hold on to the truth

Only to give into the lies from time to time

Berating herself when ever she messes up

Like the abusers of the past.

She tries to leave the past there

But it seems to keep coming back

She reaches out to God

He reaches back

With comfort

With help

Letting her know that He loves her

And always will

Teaching her the truth

About Him

And herself

He tells her He is never leaving her

She is comforted by God

Whenever He talks to her

He is never harsh

She is drawn to Him more and more

She knows that He is truth

And wants more of Him

She knows He has good plans for her

And she wants those good plans

It is hard to give up the things she has loved for so long

But it is worth it every time to have more of Him

He is always with her

Ready to give her good things

In exchange for those old habits

He wants so many amazing things for her

He is patient with her

Wanting her to understand

Wanting her to trust Him with everything

He has brought her a long ways

And taught her many things

The journey is still in progress

He isn’t finished

Healing takes time

But He sees the beautiful masterpiece He has created

And continues working

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