Be Careful How You Listen

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In my last post, I talked about needing and wanting to hear everything that God has to say to me. In this post I want to discuss really hearing what He is saying.

‘So be careful how you listen; for whoever has [a teachable heart], to him more [understanding] will be given; and whoever does not have [a longing for truth], even what he thinks he has will be taken away from him.” ‘ Luke 8:18 AMP

So, if I want to hear everything that God wants to say to me, I need to listen with a teachable heart and long for the truth? I want to know truth. I want to grow and allow God to do His work in me.

Currently I am feeling a renewed passion for the Word of God. Not that I didn’t love His Word before, but I feel an increased desire to study it, put things into practice, and renew my mind. However, I’m working on not reading it so fast that I miss what it is saying. I know that I need to allow God to speak to me by allowing His Word to really sink in, rather than just reading it and getting up or moving on to the next thing. I need to meditate on it by sitting quietly and thinking it over, prayer, writing it out, etc.

I also know I need to work on being more teachable. I know there are times that I haven’t been that teachable. For sevaral reasons really. Fear of others being angry at me, shame, embarassment, etc. And in the past, I have been defensive, when something was brought to my attention. I’m not as defensive as I used to be, but I know I could still use some work. God is still working on me.

And I want more understanding not less. I need it to grow and become closer to God. He is my desire. He is my number one. So I desire truth and knowledge in order to gain more of Him. God’s Word is The Truth.

7 thoughts on “Be Careful How You Listen

  1. I’ve also learned to sit and meditate on what I’ve just read as I journal my prayer and what I’m learning about myself and how God is renewing my mind and growing my faith. Also listening to His word has made me understand things differently using the app. Especially in the “drama” edition. I’m thankful for the extra time I have to be in His word this point in my life.

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