God Is My Happy Place #47

My next writing prompt in “God Is My Happy Place” is:

“If you had to paint a picture, what would it be of? What would you title it?”

I find paintings beautiful, but I’m not really good at drawing or creating a picture in that manor. The closest I get to painting is adult coloring books. Coloring makes me feel artistic, as if I were a painter.

Things I like to color are Bible verses, animals, flowers, some geometrical pictures, hearts. So I would probably paint the same things. As far as naming paintings, I would probably be pretty basic about it. I would name it what it is. If it were a painting of flowers, I would either name it “Flowers” or the specific type of flowers that they are. Not real creative, I know.

Below is my latest coloring pages of roosters. I think they turned out pretty well.

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