Three Years


I have officially passed my 3rd year of blogging. I’m so excited. I’m still having a blast writing and learning.

It is hard to believe that it has been 3 yrs. Next month is also 3 yrs since we moved to Arizona. I started blogging about a month and a half before we moved. A little crazy. I have learned a lot about myself & God through the writing process. The journey I have been on with God has been amazing.

I also want to thank all my 220 followers for all your support and reading my blog. I’m so grateful for all of you and hope that God abundantly blesses all of you.

I have several ideas of what I want to write in the coming year. I think I want to write about my weight-loss journey & what God is doing in my life through that journey. I’m 51 days into my recovery from overeating. I have lost 19 lbs, so far. Though I gained back 1 lb this last week, so I guess that would actually be 18 lbs. Not sure how that happened, because I followed my boundaries pretty well, I thought. But who knows, God is still working on me and the weight-loss is in His hands.

I said last year I wanted to do more book reviews, but I think I only did that once or twice in the last year. But I do have an idea about that for the end of the year, I don’t want to reveal it before then. I know that is still a long ways off, but that is in the works.

I still have a lot more of “God Is My Happy Place” on the way.

Also, whatever God puts on my heart to write, I will write.

I hope this blog is a blessing to others out there. I believe that I’m following what God has shown me to do.

I wanted to celebrate my blogversary, thank my readers, & give a glimpse of future ideas. I hope it all comes together.

I do ask for prayer to continue in what God has for me & to set aside the appropriate time for God, reading, writing, & the important things in life. Also for anxiety and overcoming overeating permanently. I want my relationship with God to grow. I want to be closer to Him.

I love you all. Blessings.

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