Canaan in the Desert


Recently, I and about 14 or so women from my church visited Canaan in the Desert in Phoenix, AZ. It is a beautiful prayer garden that walks you through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Every stop along the way is a place to pray and reflect on the suffering, death, & resurrection of Jesus. There are many benches to sit and contemplate or pray.Β  At the end is a fountain, you can drink from. Each side of it represents a different part of God, such as patience, grace, faithfulness, etc. You can take a drink at each side or just what you feel you need today.

It was beautiful and peaceful. I’m so glad I went, even though I was exhausted. I would definitely go back. I told my husband that we will definitely have to go together sometime.

There is a group of Lutheran nuns that live on the property and take care of it. I was unaware that there were nuns outside of the catholic church. There was one who came and greeted us before everyone got there. She was really nice.

As you see in the picture, the thieve’s crosses were missing the top parts. I have never seen that before. Some guesses were made as to why, but no conclusions were made. If you know why that might be, let me know. I did a google search, but didn’t find the answer. But maybe I wasn’t asking the right question.

Something else that was really cool, was that someone that wasn’t with our group, brought flowers and put them at the foot of the cross. It was beautiful.

Here is their website. There is no entrance fee. It is open every day from sunrise to about 5:30pm. There is also literature throughout the garden, that is free to take. I am not being paid to promote this. I really enjoyed it and thought you might also.


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