God is My Happy Place #38

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Photo by Elle Hughes on Pexels.com

The next writing prompt in “God is My Happy Place” is:

“Who would you most like to meet, and why?”

There are quite a few, so I’m going to share a short list. It’s always hard to narrow it down to one.

-Jesus, of course, is my first answer. I can’t wait to get to heaven and see my Savior face to face. What a glorious day it will be.

-My daughter. I gave her up for adoption at birth 24 yrs ago. I continue to pray that she would want to meet me. It will happen in God’s timing.

-Mary. What was it like to be the mother of Jesus? That is probably why the song “Mary Did You Know” is my favorite Christmas song.

-Sarah Palin. After reading her biography, she seems like a really interesting person. And, as with most people, there is so much more to her than what the media portrays.

-Mary, Queen of Scots (1500’s). She had a bit of a crazy life. But I think she would be very interesting to sit down and have a chat with and see what it was like to be her in that time period.

2 thoughts on “God is My Happy Place #38

  1. Dear Stephanie, I love your post, thank you for sharing.
    I will be praying you’ll be connected with your daughter soon. I also would love to me the queen of Scots. Would be fun to have tea together 😊 God bless you sweet lady. ♥️🤗

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