Twisted Ankle

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Well, I twisted my ankle last week.

I was walking out to my car after work. I went to step off the curb. My foot came down in a small dip in the pavement & down I went. I was on the ground before I even knew it was happening. Ouch. It was quite embarrassing.

Security came and took their report. One of the supervisors went to let Sr Management know. After a sitting for a bit, security helped me up. I refused the ambulance, because I didn’t want an ambulance for a twisted ankle. They then walked me to my car. It wasn’t the easiest walk, but I did it. They offered to take me in the golf cart, but I thought it might be harder to get on and off the golf cart than to just walk. I was able to drive home. Driving wasn’t bad. It was the walking & the stairs up to our 2nd floor apartment.

After getting situated, I put ice on ankle & relaxed. I just rested that evening.

My thoughts kept roaming to what am I going to do now. I kept praying. I slept with praise music playing & clung to the fact that God would heal me. He knew this was coming.

I could have gone to the doctor on the company’s money, but I didn’t see the need to go to the doctor for a twisted ankle. It’s been a lot of years since the last time, but I’ve had enough of those in my life, I know what they feel like & what I need to do. So I’m just praying & taking things slow. Everyday I’m walking better. The pain is less and less everyday. God is so good. He is my healer. As you are reading this, I only have a little soreness/stiffness & the bruises left.

My lessons

Have you ever felt like you were moving along in life and then something knocks you down? Sometimes it feels like it is coming out of no where. Kind of like me. One second I was walking and the next second I was on the ground. I was honestly a little shocked that it had happened.

It’s important to get back up and trust God. He knew it was coming, so He made a plan. We can take a moment or two and get our bearings, but we must get up again. If I stayed sitting on the curb, I would be getting no where. But because I got up again, I am moving forward. Depending on the drasticness of what happened, that moment or two may be more like days, weeks, etc. However, it is important to move forward. Staying in the mess is not helpful. It only keeps you stuck in the mess.

Now I had to have help getting up. I was thankful for the security guards that helped me up. I don’t know whether I could have done it on my own. Even though it was embarrassing that people saw what happened, they were able to help me with different things, such as getting security, alerting management that it happened, gathering my belongings that were flung everywhere, and checking on my well-being.

In life, as much as I don’t like asking for help, I need to sometimes. Maybe I just need prayer, a listening ear, or any number of things. God will bring those helpers into my life, but I have to be willing to ask for what I need. People cannot read my mind. I also noticed that it wasn’t just one person who did everything, but it was several people who did something that added up to all the help I needed.

Another point. If you saw the bruises, you might think something more horrific had happened. I have bruises in places that never hurt. Sometimes the way a situation looks, is worse than it actually is. Freaking out about a situation doesn’t help, & ultimately, we may be overreacting. There have been many times where I have seen a situation and freaked out about how things were going to happen & this is so horrible. While the situation might not have been ideal, God provided everything I was in need of & the situation was taken care of.


8 thoughts on “Twisted Ankle

  1. This brought back memories of stepping off a curb in an unfamiliar small town and sitting in a heap at the side of the road unable to stand up, while people walked and drove by. I learned that not all people are interested in helping, and that the stereotype of big cities being cold and small towns being friendly doesn’t necessarily reflect the truth. As you can guess, I was disappointed that day. On the other hand, I have met some very kind and helpful people in New York and other big cities. Individuals are different, and we each make our own choices regarding how we will treat others, wherever we are.

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    1. Yes, I agree with that. I have met many wonderful people here I Phoenix. I’ve also lived in small towns where there are friendly people. No matter the size of the town, friendly and not so friendly people live there. I’m sorry you had to experience that.

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