Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

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If each of us was asked what we truly believe to be beautiful, not what we think the rest of the world wants us to say, we would each have a different answer.

Some would reference art. Some fashion. Others would say flowers or nature. And there are so many other things in this world people see as beautiful.

We each have a different point of view. It is beautiful when we each express that beauty and respect others in their viewpoint.

If I were to list things that catch my eye and I think are beautiful, it would be the following: dark purple, rock hopper penguins (or as I like to call them punk rock penguins), red pandas, succulents, purple cacti, flowers, the ocean, the Grand Canyon, clothes that remind me of medieval times or the renaissance, long flowy dresses, bookshelves full of books, grey hair, rain, butterflies, birds, a smile, the written word, the night sky, old world maps, and so many other things that are not coming to mind right now.

In my list there may be some things that you agree with and others you disagree with.

I encourage you to sit down and write your own list of that catches your eye and you think is beautiful.

I even used my list this week and thanked God for them as I was walking into work one day this week after a particularly difficult day the previous day. I was able to start the day off in a better mood and I felt better throughout the day, because I was thankful and reminded of beauty.

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