Overwhelming Week

As this is a busy time of year for us all, I have a lesson that just came to me, but I want to wrap it up in how it applied to my life last week.

I went into last weekend overwhelmed, because I knew starting Saturday and going through Wednesday, there were so many events going on. So many places I was expected to be and so many things that I was expected to participate in. The weeks events were as follows:

Saturday – Women’s Bible Study/Awaken (baked a dessert for it)
Sunday University Christmas Party (baked a dessert for it)

Sunday – Church

Monday – Work and a lunch meeting

Tuesday – Work/potluck at work (brought dessert to this)

Wednesday – Work/Christmas party/pot luck (baked a dessert for it)
A Christmas get together with the ladies at church in the evening.

Now these events may not seem like that much to you, but it was very overwhelming, when I allowed myself to stop and think about all of the events and needing to prepare for them as a whole, I started to get overwhelmed. I wasn’t planning on going to the last event on the list, because everything seemed so overwhelming. A couple of ladies prodded me to go, so I did think about it for awhile. I decided not go to the last event after all, as I was exhausted by then and most of the day I had a headache and nausea. I’m sorry if I disappointed anyone, but I needed to go home that day.

So as I was preparing one of the desserts, I realized something. The other day, the Holy Spirit reminded me to slow down and to think one day at a time and not all 5 days at once. I couldn’t make them all happen at once. So, I slowed down and started thinking the way He showed me and my week seemed easier to manage. This allowed me to enjoy the baking I did and the events themselves.

Anyways, back to the dessert. This was a multilayered dessert. I had to do one step and let it set for a while. Do another step and let it set for a while and so forth. There happen to be 5 different steps with rest time in between. A coincidence? I think not. God has shown me how to deal with this week and backed it up with a lesson visual.  God is so good!

I made Reese’s Marshmallow Brownies. I forgot to take a finished product picture, but thought I would share a link to a good recipe.

The below picture is a coloring sheet that we got at Awaken.  I started coloring it there and finished it at home.  Thought I’d share it here and wish you all a Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Overwhelming Week

  1. Girl my last week was so similar with several Christmas parties I was involved in. By the last my patience had run out as each were involving kids and I was hosting while other parents were enjoying. I learned a similar lesson as to slow down and take each day as it comes because when I see the whole…man it seems big!
    May God bless you. Have a wonderful Christmas

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