Operation Christmas Child Event



We had a blessed evening at an Operation Christmas Child Event the other night. The picture was our keepsake to remind us of Yves Dushime’s powerful testimony, which he gave that night. It is also the testimony of what God can do through sending shoeboxes to children around the world.

He received a shoebox when he was about 11 when 300 shoeboxes were sent to his church.

In it was a scarf, which he didn’t need at the time in west Africa. But God knew he would need it when he reached Buffalo, NY years later. There were also other things in the box that were specifically designed for him. He had hated people before that due to what happened to some of his extended family in Rwanda. But the person who sent the box said that Jesus loved him & so did they. Which he said made such an impact on him & changed his way of thinking. He was forever changed.

And that was only part of the story. There were so many amazing things that came from shoeboxes delivered to the church.

Yves father is a pastor. He pastored in Africa. The shoeboxes brought in people to the church who would never step into the church, if it weren’t for the school supplies in the box. The local witch doctor’s had threatened them not to even be seen talking to the pastor. So many people heard the gospel that day. Many kept coming back to the church. Many churches were planted. Yves dad decided to move the family to a village with the most powerful witch doctor in the area. The witch doctor threatened them & told them to leave. The family stayed. The witch doctor tried all the tricks he knew to kill them, but there was something that wouldn’t let them. He even sent people to the church services to see what kind of witchcraft they were using.

After a while the witch doctor came to the pastor’s house & said he wanted to give his life to Jesus, because he realized that the pastor’s God was more powerful that his god. He also brought his witchcraft tools, because he wanted to burn them.

Some time later the exwitchdoctor wanted to be baptized, so the pastor scheduled it & they met at the river. But when he came to get baptized all the people that he witnessed to after being saved showed up to be baptized also. There were so many people.

God works miracles. He orchestrated it in such a way that it could only be God.

Yves tells the story so much better. But I believe that I needed to share it. I am sharing a clip of his testimony that I have found on YouTube. The testimony starts at the 18 minute mark, if you wish to skip the beginning part.

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