God Always Looks Out For Me

He is always with me.

Yesterday, after work, I discovered that my car battery was dead. Not fun. After texting the wrong person, I was able to get in touch with my husband, who was able to come get me. I had to wait on him to get there. Ironically, I was just complaining about how cold it was in the office. Then I get outside and have to wait about an hour and a half in the heat.

However, I was blessed that it wasn’t 120 degrees outside & I wasn’t stuck on the side of the interstate during rush hour traffic.

My husband picked me up, we went to a couple of places to price a battery. Those places being more than we could afford right now.

We made it home & ate some dinner.

On the way to work this morning, we stopped at another place & discovered that it was way cheaper there & we were able to get the battery before Friday. We purchased the battery & my husband took me to work.

After work, I was able to change my battery. We didn’t have time before work.  I’m a  little proud of the fact that I changed the battery myself.

The car started right up & I made it home safely.

God kept me safe through the whole thing.

No one wants to have their car break down. But I love that God had his hand in all of it. He knew it was going to happen & set up the right circumstances to keep me safe.

God is so amazing. He gave me peace through the whole thing.

I had all sorts of contingency plans in my head about how I would have to alter my work schedule this week to take care of the car. God had plans to get it taken care of without having to miss work to do it.

I had plans to go home & get some things done at home on Monday. But God had plans to get the car fixed.

Proverbs 16:9 NIV

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.

Somehow God never ceases to amaze me.

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