Start somewhere

Some things can look overwhelming. If I can just find a starting point, it starts to come together. I’m going to illustrate this with an example of my coloring. I start with a blank coloring page. This one I got from Dover Publishing. Sometimes I have pictures that I’m not sure where to start. If […]

Book Review: Really Bad Girls of the Bible

I have just finished reading the book “Really Bad Girls of the Bible” by Liz Curtis Higgs. It is an amazing book. I enjoyed every word & I learned a lot as well. This book was hard to put down. I wanted to soak in what was being said, yet really wanting to know what […]

God is My Happy Place #26

The next writing prompt from “God is My Happy Place” is: “What is your favorite childhood memory?” I don’t really have one specific favorite. However, some of them are playing cards & board games with my maternal grandparents, camping with my cousin, bottle feeding a calf at my paternal grandparents farm. There are other memories […]

God is My Happy Place #25

The next writing prompt in “God is My Happy Place” is: “Word of the Day: Focus. What do you need to focus on today?” Focus. Straight ahead. No worry about the past. All that woulda shoulda coulda. Leave it behind. Lose my past identity. Think life changing thoughts. Goals to become healthier. Think healthier. Writing […]

God is My Happy Place #23

The next writing prompt in “God is My Happy Place” is: “Who is the most intriguing person you have read or heard about? Why?” I know this is the typical Sunday school answer, but it’s true. I think Jesus is the most intriguing person ever. 💜💜💜 He is perfect. He died for me & you. […]