Vacay & Anniversary

Well, I had an amazing vacation & I would like to share with you the amazing week God blessed me with.

It started off with no alarm clock on Saturday. We weren’t going that far, so there was no rush to get out the door with our luggage. We did leave the house on that Saturday morning around 11 or so.

We went through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru & got our lunch to eat as we drove. I think my husband & I were both ready to get out of town for a few days. To have no adult responsibilities. Just relaxation, fun, & relaxation.

We drove for the couple of hours it took to get to Tucson, AZ from Phoenix. We called our parents to let them know we were on our way for vacation & they wished us a great trip.

We were so grateful to be able to take a trip for just the 2 of us. We didn’t think we would get to take this vacation with all the car troubles we had a couple of months back, but God provided.

We arrived at our resort.

(All pictures are mine.)

We were a little to early for check in, so we drove around and came back.

We discovered we were next door to Family Life Radio (FLR). We felt like that was a good sign.

About an hour later, we got checked in & took our bags to the room.

It was so hot outside. We sat in the cool room and just enjoyed being there together. God blessed us with a suite, which was much like a mini apartment.

We stayed until dinner time, just relaxing and planning what we wanted to do that evening.

While we were relaxing, the rain came. It stormed for a short time.

Then we went to Rocco’s Little Chicago Pizzeria. After the storm, it was so cool outside. We sat out on their patio to eat. I had never had Chicago deep dish pizza before. It was amazing. We had great conversation in a relaxed atmosphere.

We then went back to our room for the evening and planned our next day. We discovered that several of the restaurants we were contemplating eating at were closed on mondays, so we rearranged our plans a little.

We enjoy going to the restaurants that have appeared on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (DDD). We have a goal of going to all of the restaurants that have appeared on the show (about 1100 at this time) over our lifetime. It’s something fun to do. We wanted to go to a few while we were in Tucson. Rocco’s was one of them.

Then Sunday arrived. Our 12th wedding Anniversary. It is a little hard to believe that it’s been that long.

We both slept in. Neither of us are really early risers.

We had church together in our suite. We listened to a message online & discussed it/life.

We left around lunch time and ate at Chef Alisah’s for some European/Bosnian food. This was another DDD. I had the sausage & my husband had lamb. Delicious food.

Then we did a little shopping. I always have to go to a Ross on my vacation. I got a pajama shirt.

We walked around the mall that the store was in for a few minutes. Then left. It was so hot. We went to get some gelato & cool off.

Then we were feeling a bit tired already, probably because of the heat. So we went back to our room & watched a little TV. I may have even taken a short nap.

We went out for dinner at Inca’s Peruvian Cuisine, another DDD. The food was amazing. I had fish & my husband had steak. We shared ice cream & cookies for dessert.

It rained while we were eating. It had stopped by the time we left, but it cooled down by 30 degrees. It felt so good outside.

We went back to our room for relaxation.

Monday came around all too soon. We slept in again. We checked out of our room & had brunch at Gourmet Girls Gluten free Bakery, which was recommended to us by a friend. It was so good. You wouldn’t know stuff was gluten free by the taste. We both had biscuits and gravy & got cupcakes to go.

Then we headed back to Phoenix.

When we got home, we relaxed at home for a bit.

We got back out & went to get some groceries & brought Wingstop back to the house for dinner. We stayed in for the rest of the evening.

Tuesday was my husband’s last day off & we just enjoyed spending time together not going anywhere.

Wednesday, my husband went back to work and I had the rest of the week off. I stayed home & relaxed.

Then, Saturday I did some cooking. I made falafel for the first time. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I didn’t do everything I had planned to do. I would like to say that I got a lot of writing done or that I was productive in some way. But that is not the case.

But I suppose that is what vacations are for. I got some much needed rest. Now I’m ready to go. I have lots of writing to do. Many things to share.

God is so good!

Thank you, Lord for all your many blessings!

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