My Coffee

I don’t actually drink coffee. I never have liked the taste.

I know. I can hear everyone gasp, while thinking I’m crazy.

But I do still need to spend time waking up in the morning. I have to wake up almost 3 hrs before I need to be clocked in at work. This is time for my “coffee” as well as my drive to work.

I have listed here my steps to waking up in the morning.

My 1st cup of coffee is reading the Bible in the morning. Even if I’m barely understanding it. Though I usually try to keep it simple first thing in the morning.

My 2nd cup of coffee is my drive to work with praise music & prayer. I can be loud without waking my husband or the neighbors.

My 3rd cup of coffee is reading a couple of blogs while eating breakfast. I usually eat my breakfast at the office. We have a cafe at work. I usually bring my own breakfast, but it is place where I can have my 3rd & 4th cups of coffee. There are little corners in the cafe that are quiet & away from most of the foot traffic.

My 4th cup of coffee is writing what the Lord has put on my heart. I work on blog posts, as well as other writing.

After my 4th cup, I’m ready to face the day.

It is a bit of a routine, but one that I feel works for me. I’m not a morning person at all. It takes me a while to be functional in the morning. And what better way to help me get there than with God.

I know that people envision time with God has to be spent either quietly outside or in some quiet little corner, but that is not necessarily true. Yeah we do need the quiet time & some of my morning time is spent in a quiet place. However, God is with me all day, so I can spend time with Him no matter where I am in my day.

I also want to say, I’m not perfect at this everyday. But I can tell when I haven’t had my morning time with God or I don’t have all 4 cups. Like a person without their actual coffee in the morning, I’m not always feeling like myself & it’s harder to face the world.

Blessings! I hope everyone is having a great week.

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