Changing Direction

he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.
Psalm 23:3 NIV

Sometimes we start in a direction and that’s where God wants us to go and then the direction changes. The new direction is still in God’s plan. It is simply the next step on our destination. It may seem strange to change directions, but maybe God needed us to go one direction first, before we start a different direction. Maybe volunteering one way & then changing to volunteer in another. Both were part of God’s plan, but one was a prerequisite for the other.

In school, there are some courses/classes that must be taken before taking another class. For example you don’t usually just jump ahead to Biology II before taking Biology I. There is knowledge in the first class that must be gained before taking the next class.

I also can’t stay in the first class. I have to let go of that class and move on to the next class. I won’t grow or accomplish Gods will, if I stay in the past or stay in an area that is no longer part of the plan. When travelling, we sometimes have to make turns in order to get where we are going. Because if we continue down the same road, we won’t make it to our destination.

Sometimes we have to pull off the road and take a break and decide what direction we need to go. Either because we feel like we are lost or maybe we’ve gone too far and missed our turn. So we need to evaluate where we are and pick a direction that best suits our destination from where we are.

God is our GPS. We must pray and ask for direction. We must listen and follow through. God knows what He is doing. If God is asking me to change something(s) about my life, I need to follow His lead.

There are times I have kept doing something longer than I should have, because I was trying to please people. I didn’t want to let them down. But I needed to move on and please God.

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