God Is My Happy Place #14

The next writing prompt in “God Is My Happy Place” is: “Who do you feel completely loved by and why?” I would rank God number one here. He loves me completely. No matter what I’ve done or how I feel. The closer I get to Him, the more loved I feel. He shows me love […]


I was reading Joshua chapter 1 the other day and I got to thinking about what it must have been like to take over and follow in the footsteps of Moses. Those are some big sandals to fill. The 3 verses right before the book of Joshua says: Since then, no prophet has risen in […]

My Story Part 4

This chapter begins with me trying to decide what I really wanted to do with my life. I thought about becoming a librarian, because I enjoy books. I ended up changing my major to social work, because I wanted to help people. Then I decided I wanted to be a counselor, which meant I would […]

My Story Part 3

After the divorce, I was still going to the club every weekend, drinking, and going to parties. I was a little promiscuous during this time. After a little while, I started going back to church, but was still partying. I wasn’t necessarily ready to give up my way yet. But it was a start. I […]

My Story Part 2

Somewhere in high school, I decided I wanted to do things my way and made some very poor choices. I know mom worried about me a lot. I had some great friends who tried to look out for me, but I basically refused to listen. My senior year I started dating. I also started drinking […]

My Story: Part 1

Hello, everyone. Before I get started I want to make you aware, so you can be on the lookout. My story has 4 parts to it. I hope to post them all this week. They are all written. I’m just doing some minor proofreading. I know telling this story is not going to be easy […]