God Is My Happy Place #10

The next writing prompt in “God Is My Happy Place” is:

“Do you know that smiling when you don’t feel like it can actually change your mood? Write down five things that make you smile.”

At first it was hard to come up with five, but as I kept writing about each one, I thought about a couple more. It’s interesting how that works.

1. When my husband walks in the room.
I enjoy spending time with my husband. I’m glad I have such an amazing person to live this life with.

2. Reading the Word.
His words are life to my soul. There is no such thing as too much of God’s word.

3. Spending time in God’s presence.
His presence is so precious. It is peaceful & loving. I enjoy spending time with my God.

4. Words of encouragement and appreciation.
When someone is encouraging or uplifting, I feel happy. It is nice to hear those things.

5. A completed to-do list.
It feels like I’ve accomplished something when I get to check off the entire list. It even makes me smile every time I check something off.

6. Being helpful.
I often don’t know what is helpful, but when I know I have helped someone, it makes me happy.

7. Thinking of the things that make me smile even makes me smile. I’m smiling right now.


Feel free to write your own list. It will bring a smile to your face.

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