God Is My Happy Place #4

The next writing prompt from the book “God Is My Happy Place” is:

“Life is too short to be busy all the time! If you could spend the day any way you wanted to, what would you do?”

Well, let’s see. I would not have an alarm set. I would simply wake up when I wanted to.

Then, i would read my Bible and maybe a biography after that, while drinking some hot cocoa.

Then I would cook some breakfast/lunch. You know depending on what time it was.

Then maybe I would play a Wii game with my husband. Just spending some quality time together playing Mario Party or something.

I might end the day with some coloring or writing.

Maybe going out for dinner. Or maybe ordering a pizza. Whatever sounds good to us.

Just a quiet day with no plans. No where that I have to be. No schedules. Just relaxation.

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