Sold Out

What does it mean to be sold out to Christ?

I had a thought today. A comparison really.

Think back with me here. Remember what it was like to be a teenager and have that person or thing you were crazy about.

For me it was New Kids on the Block. Some may have to Google who they are. I remember begging mom to take me to concerts (I went to 2). I was always asking for merchandise (I had plenty). I wallpapered my room with posters. I had tshirts. I had all their music. I read books about them. I watched videos over and over. I even dressed up as one of them for Halloween one year.

I wanted to know everything about them. I wanted to meet them. I never did meet them though.

But if we take that same mentality and put it towards loving the Lord.

I’m not saying we need to have posters of Jesus or statues or other such merchandise.

My main thought here is that if I put myself in an environment where Jesus is what I’m seeking, then I will be more like Him.

If I read/study my Bible over and over so that I know more about Him and what He is like. If I listen to messages about Jesus. If I go to church and spend time with others of the same mentality. If I listen to music that is about and for Him.

Make life about Him. The more I do that, then I will become more like Him.

I know I have a long way to go to be like Christ. But God is still working on me and He doesn’t give up.

What is your life centered around? Just something to think about.

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