I thought I would write an update on where we are right now in life.

Mandatory overtime is over.  After 4 months, it is finally over.  I have now had 2 normal 40 hr work weeks.  I actually feel like I can function again.  I feel more rested.  I was also becoming depressed and anxious, which was probably part of the exhaustion.

Now I’m focusing on other aspects of my life that have taken a back seat for a while.

First of all, more time with my husband, when possible.  He has been having knee and back problems, which means physical therapy & chiropractor.  God has blessed us with great doctors, physical therapists, & chiropractors in this process.  They are good at what they do, as well as working with us on the financial end of things for the part that insurance doesn’t cover.

My husband, Josh, is also having to work to make up hours he is missing to go to these appointments, so he doesn’t use up all his paid time off.  He also has started an online travel agency, so he is working a lot on that.

We are also Tupperware consultants.  So it is time to focus on doing that a little more.  I just made a demo video for a facebook Tupperware party we’re having this week.  I made a Steak & Queso Enchilada Bake.  That was actually a lot of fun.  It was my first attempt at doing it on my own.  Josh is usually my cameraman, but he had something to do this evening, so I figured out a way to do it by myself.

I’m feeling like we have more time for things, but less money to do them.  But we know that God will take care of us.  He didn’t bring us here to leave us.  He has a plan.  I know He does.

And I, of course, have my blog to write.  I feel like I have more time to write my blog. I’m hoping to be able to write more often and spend more time writing.

I can’t wait to see what direction God is taking us in.

Blessings to all of you!


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