God’s Timing

I was reading about Lazarus tonight.  (John 11:1-44)

Jesus & Lazarus were close.  When Jesus heard that Lazarus was sick, He stayed where he was for 2 more days.  He knew it was the will of God to wait.

I can only imagine though, that His fully human side would have liked to go to Lazarus & heal Him or be near Him.

Ultimately, He knew better than all of us, that miraculous things happen in God’s timing.

We tend to want to rush in & take care of the situation in our own strength.  I know I’m guilty of wanting to do everything myself & just take care of it.

I have learned many times that God’s timing is best.  He knows what needs to happen.  If we wait on Him, miracles will happen.

Because Jesus was willing to wait, Lazarus was raised from the dead after being in the grave for 4 days.  Many people believed in Him that day.  So by waiting, He did so much more than just raise Lazarus from the dead.

What are you needing to wait on God for?  There is a miracle waiting for God’s perfect timing.


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