I was sitting here watching Star Wars – The Clone Wars (the animated series).    For those who have not seen Star Wars, it is a series of movies that focuses on good vs evil in space.  I used to be shocked when people said they had never seen any of them, but I understand it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

This thought came to me, while I was watching one of the episodes.  God is extremely underestimated.  Both by Satan & by Christians.

Throughout the movies, the dark side always underestimates the Jedi.  When things don’t look good for the Jedi or at least from the view of the dark side, they always think they will come out on the winning side.

Darth Vader & others have said many times, “You underestimate the power of the dark side.”

Then soon after that, the dark side loses.

I see how God is highly underestimated.  Satan thought he could kill Jesus, which only ended in Satan’s defeat, when Jesus rose from the dead.  That defeat still stands today.  Jesus has overcome the world & Satan (John 16:33).

Satan also thinks he can defeat God’s children.  But that is impossible, because God is for us, therefore no one and nothing can be against us (Romans 8:31).  Even if we pass away from this earth, we don’t really die, we just change our address & we are with Jesus forever.

There are people who underestimate the power of the Jedi & put too much fear in the dark side in the movies.  They are even sometimes leery of being on the side of the Jedi for fear of the dark side.

There are times when we as Christians underestimate God.  We don’t see a way out or things don’t look good.  But God is fighting for us.  He is right here with us in the middle of it all (Psalm 23:4).  Satan can only cast a shadow & his power is nothing compared to the power of God.

The Jedi must use the force to defeat their enemies.  We must trust in God & believe that He will come through.  He is always right on time.  No matter what Satan tries to do, God is with us & He is fighting for us.  We just don’t always see the fighting.  When the time is right, we will see the outcome.

Now I’m not saying that Star Wars is biblical or anything.  But sometimes God shows me things in a storyline or something in a movie or book.  I am learning to write those things down & share some of them as I feel led to do so.






7 thoughts on “Underestimation

  1. Love it! Lucas does know the Bible. Too many parallels to be a coincidence.
    God has been working with me on fear lately. Helping me to understand that the Root of Fear is Knowledge. The way to overcome Fear is through Faith in the unseen, and Obedience to God.
    With your Jedi analogy… the Dark Side Jedi are always seeking knowledge. The “good” side are always seeking pure Faith. 😊

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      1. Adam and Eve were fearless and happy until they had knowledge. Thanks for your Jedi writing. I’d never made the dark side knowledge connection before.

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  2. True, we have no close concept of what God is able to do, and will do to keep his children safe from evil. I guess we do somewhat when we consider that he let Jesus die. That’s powerful. Thanks for visiting me today.

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