My husband and I have been watching the show Survivor from the beginning.  We’re up to season 8 right now.

In the show, people are making and breaking alliances with each other.  Some alliances are smart ones in the context of the game.  Others are ill-advised.  Trust is hard to come by in the game.

How does that translate to life, you may ask.  Well, in life who should we be aligned with?

God is our top priority and the best alliance we could ever have.  We can rely on Him no matter what.  He is for us, therefore no one can be against us.  We can trust Him with everything.  He will never lead us astray or blindside us.  He never lies.  He always protects and fights for us.  He works everything together for our good.

One other aspect is that we must pick our spouse and friends well.  Aligning ourselves with just anyone is not a good idea.  If we pray about it and trust God, He will bring us a good spouse and good friends to come alongside us. When we don’t choose our spouse/friends wisely, then we can end up where we do not want to be.  But a good spouse or friend you can go far with.  They are with you through good and bad.  They don’t leave just because things don’t seem to be going well.  They stick it out and work on the relationship.

Who or what are you aligned with today?  Is there a relationship that you need to strengthen or let go of?




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