God’s Hand

I was thinking back over the journey so far.  It really goes back so much further than when I started this blog.  God made the plan for my life before the world began.  But the last year is where I will focus.  

Sometime last fall, my husband had started looking for a new job.  He wanted to change what he was doing & he felt God was leading him in a different direction.  I told him to go for it.  He was looking for jobs all over Oklahoma.  Though he was trying so hard to accommodate me, since I really liked my job & the place I worked at. It was a large agency that had quite a few office locations.  So he started there , but wasn’t finding anything.  

During that time, God was working on me.  I had worked so hard at getting my master’s & then becoming licensed.  But I felt that God was asking me if I was willing to give up my career & follow my husband.  At first, I was unsure, but as God worked on my heart I felt that I was willing to do whatever God asked me to do and I had a peace about it.  So I let my husband know that he could look at other places than just the one’s he had been looking  at, including out of state.  I was willing to go wherever.  This took my husband by surprise, but he went with it.

That is when God really started moving things along.  My husband started praying further about it & he felt led to a couple of different states & then soon it was narrowed down to Arizona.  We started making preparations, which you can read about in past posts.  

We both thought we had jobs lined up, but those didn’t work out.  We made the move to Arizona anyway, trusting that God had a plan.  My husband found a temp job within a couple of weeks of arriving & he’s now halfway through that assignment.  

And for the big news.  I’m so excited, because I have accepted a job offer this week on a temp to hire position doing data entry.  God is so good! I believe it is a good fit for me and I believe He knew exactly what I needed to wait 5 weeks for. I’m pumped about my first day, which I’m told will be Aug 28th.  So I have a week of relaxation, where I don’t have to search for a job.  Yay!  

I’m always in awe, when I can look back & see God’s hand in getting me to where I am now.  

Soon, I know God has the perfect place lined up that will be our own place to live.  (We’re living with relatives until then.)  And I will be able to see God’s hand in that too.  

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