Making Room

Well the journey has started.  We are working toward the next chapter in our lives one step at a time.  It feels like we are almost jogging toward it, things are happening so fast.  

God has been having us make room for what is to come.  We started with a garage sale this last weekend to get rid of a lot of things we didn’t need. Made a little money in the process.   Someone is coming on Wednesday to pick up what didnt sell.  

Started making preparations today at work for the upcoming change & that seemed to go way smoother than expected.  

God has just prepared the way for the exact moment that certain things needed to happen.  God is so Amazing! I’m always in awe when things go  so smoothly that it’s hard to believe.  He lines up circumstances & people in such a way that I can’t miss His hand in it.   

I do tend to get anxiuos, but I know that God loves me! He has great plans for me (Jeremiah 29:11).  I am His child & He’s not going to lead me in a direction  & then not provide for me.  

I’m so excited for the future.  I can hardly wait to get there. But i was reading in Exodus the other night & it was talking about all the different things that had to be made to put the tabernacle together.  God showed me that all of those things had to be made before it could be put together. They were all essential pieces.  

In turn there are several things that my husband & I need to do before we can officially move on to the next step.  They are all necessary to make things go in the right direction.  So, I need to not get overly anxious about the future & simply work all the little steps that make up the big one until we get there. I believe that it will happen quicker than we think, but we can’t get ahead of the plan, like we are prone to doing.  

So on I march toward the goal making sure to get all the steps in.  Good night & God bless! 

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